TOUR GUIDE AYAKA です!ただいまドバイに添乗で来ています♪



世界最大のショッピングモール「ドバイ モール」では巨大水槽を見ながらお買い物が楽しめます☆

Tour Guide Ayaka

Dubai is the resort area where world celebrities love to stay.Dubai had enough of oil but these days it is getting less and can not depend on it anymore…so government changed Dubai to entertainment place that no countries had done before.Not only ocean resort , but also has 7 star hotels are best in the world and a high-rise buildings including the top of observatory ,, but, of course you can see traditional mosque, local market and desert… And you should know Dubai is ” Good for shopping♪”Because you can buy TAX FREE anywhere !Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping mall in the world , you never miss it!